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The game is configured via command line arguments.

-W width Map width (default is 21)

-H height Map height (default is 21)

-S [rhombus|rect|hex] Map shape (rectangle is default). Max number of countries N=4 for rhombus and rectangle, and N=6 for the hexagon.

-l [2|3| ... N] Sets L, the number of countries (default is N).

-i [0|1|2|3|4] Inequality between the countries (0 is the lowest, 4 in the highest).

-q [1|2| ... L] Choose player’s location by its quality: 1 = the best available on the map, and L = the worst. Only in the singleplayer mode.

-r Absolutely random initial conditions, overrides options -l, -i, and -q.

-d [ee|e|n|h|hh] Difficulty level (AI) from the easiest to the hardest (default is normal).

-s [p|sss|ss|s|n|f|ff|fff] Game speed from the slowest to the fastest (default is normal).

-R seed Specify a random seed (unsigned integer) for map generation.

-T Show the timeline.

-E [1|2| ... L] Start a server for not more than L clients.

-e port Server’s port (19140 is default).

-C IP Start a client and connect to the provided server’s IP-address.

-c port Clients’s port (19150 is default).

-v Display the version number

-h Display help information