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Build from sources on Linux

Ncurses version:

$ make

SDL version:

$ make SDL=yes

Install ncurses version

To install, make install with DESTDIR defined:

# make DESTDIR=/path install

It copies:

To uninstall:

# make DESTDIR=/path uninstall

Install SDL version

To install:

# make SDL=yes DESTDIR=/path install

It copies:

The SDL executable is searching for the game data (directory images) in the following places:

  1. ./ (Your current directory)
  2. $XDG_DATA_HOME/curseofwar (Defaults to ~/.local/share/curseofwar)
  3. ~/.curseofwar (If possible, use ~/.local/share/curseofwar)
  4. /usr/local/share/curseofwar
  5. /usr/share/curseofwar
  6. /usr/share/curseofwar-sdl
  7. /usr/share/curseofwar-common

Make sure that images is one of those folders.

You can make use of the variable INSTALL_DATA to install images to a specific place in your filesystem, instead of $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/curseofwar:

# make SDL=yes DESTDIR=/path INSTALL_DATA=/game/data/path install

Example, how to build and install everything

It installs both executables to /usr/bin/, and all game data to /usr/share/curseofwar/

To build and install:

$ make
$ make SDL=yes
# make DESTDIR=/ install
# make SDL=yes DESTDIR=/ install

Then to uninsitall, if necessary:

# make SDL=yes DESTDIR=/ uninstall
# make DESTDIR=/ uninstall

DESTDIR=/ can be omitted here, but it’s kept for completeness.

Build from sources on Windows

You will need the SDL development libraries installed on your computer.

There are several possibilities. You can use cmake-gui, for example.

Note that executable will fail if they are not run from the directory containing images/.