Software Analysis and Design 1 - Labs, CSCI-136.

General information

Mon, 1:10 - 3:00 pm or 4:10 - 6:00 pm. Hunter North 1001C.
Office hours: after the class or by appointment.

Instructor: Alexey Nikolaev
Email: a(my last name)
Office: HN 1000C


Posted on Blackboard. You submit your solutions through Blackboard as well.

The assignments will be posted in advance, approximately at 8PM the day before the class starts (that is, at 8PM on Sunday). Please read the tasks before you come to class.

All labs should be finished and submitted by the end of the class. The instructor can extend the submission deadline by up to 24 hours if they find it necessary.

Your grades for CS-135 and CS-136

All CS-135 assignments (programming projects and tests) contribute to your CS-135 grade. Whereas all labs contribute only to your CS-136 grade. Both classes follow the same grading criteria.

For more detailed information, see your CS-135 syllabus.

Basic Linux command line commands.

Linux Lab FAQ.

How to setup a Unix development environment on your own computer.

Configuring Vim (and Vi) text editor.

Additional exercises

  1. Exercises on practicing if statements and loops

  2. Exercises on processing data