A Unix environment on your computer

If your OS is:

Linux. You already have everything. Make sure to install g++ if it is not already there.

OSX. You already have everything. It may come with g++ pre-installed. However, if it’s not the case, install Xcode or its Command Line Tools. This link may be helpful. Open the Terminal and you are good to go.

Windows. Install Cygwin. These instructions (although a bit old) can help you to install it together with g++. When installing Cygwin, make sure you chose to install gcc-g++ package.

Web-based. If the above options don’t work for you, there is a good online development environment.

Text Editor

For this class, I strongly discourage using Xcode or any other IDE. We need only a text editor and a terminal window.

On Mac OSX, use a simpler text editor, for example TextMate or Sublime Text, they are good free options. Use it only for editing code, run your programs from the terminal.

On Windows, Notepad++ and Sublime Text are a good free text editors I can recommend.

If you are using Vim (and Vi) text editor: The editor does not come with a good default configuration. Please refer to this quick guide to make it suitable for editing code.